Time to Testify at the State Capitol

Today I went to the Colorado State Capitol and testified to the House Education Committee for one bill and against another bill. It was a fascinating experience, and I learned quite a bit.

I have never sat through an entire legislative committee session before, so that was a first. I’ve been interested in doing so in the past, and I’ve watched live-streamed city council meetings before, but this was the first time I put on a suit and tie, and got in my car and drove to the state capitol. Go figure, the first time I ever attend one is also the first time I speak at one! Continue reading “Time to Testify at the State Capitol”

Net Neutrality is Dead. What Comes Next?

The Federal Communications Commission finally released the long-awaited new rules for regulating the internet, following its 3-2 vote in December to repeal net neutrality.

Net neutrality, which has become controversial in recent years, is the term for the concept that internet service providers should provide equal access for all types of content served via their networks. Many consumers see this as an important protection, while some ISPs have been vocal in their opposition to the FCC imposing net neutrality on them. Continue reading “Net Neutrality is Dead. What Comes Next?”