Video: Why Use Online Video For Your Business?

This is a video I created a few years ago with a videographer to showcase the most powerful medium for communication we have in the 21st Century: video. I concepted the whole thing, wrote the script, and, of course, stood in front of the camera, explaining why businesses should use video as a part of their marketing strategy.

Video: What is Twitter And Should You Use It?

This is a video I created a few years ago with a videographer to be able to explain to my friends and clients exactly what Twitter is. I created the concept, wrote the script, and, of course, starred in the video as the subject matter expert.

Local Historian Brings “Forgotten” WWI History to Life at Longmont Museum

LONGMONT, Colo. — A small crowd came to the Longmont Museum Thursday to hear a lecture on the human element of World War I that featured humor and antique weapons.

As part of its “Longmont & The Great War” exhibit, the museum hosted a lecture by a local historian on the lesser-known elements of World War I. The presentation, titled “Deadly Laboratories: Weapons and Tactics of the First World War,” sought to challenge stereotypical images of stalemates in trench warfare, and detailed behind-the-scenes innovations that were made in battle tactics and technologies. Continue reading “Local Historian Brings “Forgotten” WWI History to Life at Longmont Museum”

Social Injustice at Ink Coffee in Denver

DENVER — In November of 2017, ink! Coffee, a locally-owned coffee shop with multiple locations in Denver found themselves in hot water after unveiling a marketing campaign gone wrong. If this story sounds familiar, it may be because we as a society have gotten used to controversy about coffee shops each year right around this time. But if you’re thinking ink! caused themselves a PR disaster due to the forgivable sin of not printing certain words on their paper cups at Christmas, you’d be wrong. Continue reading “Social Injustice at Ink Coffee in Denver”

Music At Every Stage of Life

Last night, I went to a company party for the Christmas Caroling group I’m a member of. Since the company’s season is during Christmas, the team gets together to celebrate at the beginning of February. Continue reading “Music At Every Stage of Life”

Three Giants Breaking Up The Healthcare Monopoly

Earlier this week, the world was shocked by the announcement that Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JP Morgan are going to partner to create a new of healthcare venture. For consumers, this is welcome news, a long time coming.

Much ink has been spilled on the state of healthcare in America, so much that there’s not much worth adding here, other than to state the obvious: health care in America is bloated, overpriced, bureaucratic, and ripe for disruption. Continue reading “Three Giants Breaking Up The Healthcare Monopoly”