Rediscovering The Magic of Christmas Through Caroling

For most of my adult life, Christmas has been a terrible holiday I’ve tried to avoid at almost all costs. It wasn’t always that way, however. As a child, I had fond memories of the entire Christmas season, and all year long I would anticipate my family’s traditions that made it very special for us kids. But when I became a husband and a father at a very young age, instead of being a blessing, Christmas became less of a holiday and more of a dreaded curse at the end of several difficult years. Continue reading “Rediscovering The Magic of Christmas Through Caroling”

My Earliest Radio Memory

Growing up, my exposure to music on the radio was minimal. I wasn’t allowed to play the radio on my own, but a lot of my young memories involve watching my dad clean the garage or change the oil in his car while KFBK NewsRadio 1530AM played in the background. Continue reading “My Earliest Radio Memory”