Discovering The City that Care Forgot: New Orleans, Louisiana

new orleans french quarter at night

About ten years ago, I was working at home one early summer day, sitting at my kitchen table listening to one of those early Internet radio stations (RealPlayer, or RadioVH1 or something like that). I had randomly tuned into a French Jazz channel. As I hummed along while working, the sounds of New Orleans rung in my ears, and I was struck with a rather random thought. “Hmm…” I pondered. “I’ve never been to New Orleans before. That would be a fun place to visit.” I stewed on the thought for a few hours, and later that afternoon, on a whim, I called one of my old roommates to run a crazy idea past him. “Hi Paul, what would you think of taking a vacation to New Orleans with me this summer?” I asked. Continue reading “Discovering The City that Care Forgot: New Orleans, Louisiana”