Is Google Evil?

This week, The Guardian put out a scathing report on Google’s business practices, called “Google’s problem is that it now believes itself above others – even governments.” That descriptive title explains what it’s all about—the recent controversy over the data-collecting practices of Google Street View. Long story short, the FCC is investigating how Google illegally collected private data from homes and businesses over unsecured wireless networks when driving around the globe in their little cars with cameras on top (the “street view cars”).

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Interview With City Councilman Tim Leigh – Faces of Downtown

Q: What first brought you to the Downtown Colorado Springs area? When was that?

A: I was stationed here at Fort Carson in 1975, and at the same time was a Club Professional Racquetball Player. I moved back to North Dakota for a few years to go to College and came back to stay in 1983. Continue reading “Interview With City Councilman Tim Leigh – Faces of Downtown”