Profile on Butterfly Pavilion CEO, Patrick Tennyson

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes

WESTMINSTER, Colo. — From the very beginning, Patrick Tennyson, Butterfly Pavilion’s president and CEO, knew he wanted to work with animals. As early as the first grade, when asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, he’d answer: “zookeeper.” How did people respond? Continue reading “Profile on Butterfly Pavilion CEO, Patrick Tennyson”

Three Giants Breaking Up The Healthcare Monopoly

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Earlier this week, the world was shocked by the announcement that Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JP Morgan are going to partner to create a new of healthcare venture. For consumers, this is welcome news, a long time coming.

Much ink has been spilled on the state of healthcare in America, so much that there’s not much worth adding here, other than to state the obvious: health care in America is bloated, overpriced, bureaucratic, and ripe for disruption. Continue reading “Three Giants Breaking Up The Healthcare Monopoly”