Rediscovering The Magic of Christmas Through Caroling

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For most of my adult life, Christmas has been a terrible holiday I’ve tried to avoid at almost all costs. It wasn’t always that way, however. As a child, I had fond memories of the entire Christmas season, and all year long I would anticipate my family’s traditions that made it very special for us kids. But when I became a husband and a father at a very young age, instead of being a blessing, Christmas became less of a holiday and more of a dreaded curse at the end of several difficult years. Continue reading “Rediscovering The Magic of Christmas Through Caroling”

Discovering The City that Care Forgot: New Orleans, Louisiana

new orleans french quarter at night
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About ten years ago, I was working at home one early summer day, sitting at my kitchen table listening to one of those early Internet radio stations (RealPlayer, or RadioVH1 or something like that). I had randomly tuned into a French Jazz channel. As I hummed along while working, the sounds of New Orleans rung in my ears, and I was struck with a rather random thought. “Hmm…” I pondered. “I’ve never been to New Orleans before. That would be a fun place to visit.” I stewed on the thought for a few hours, and later that afternoon, on a whim, I called one of my old roommates to run a crazy idea past him. “Hi Paul, what would you think of taking a vacation to New Orleans with me this summer?” I asked. Continue reading “Discovering The City that Care Forgot: New Orleans, Louisiana”

Video: What Is User Experience Design, and Why Does it Matter?

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This is a video I helped create with the talented folks at CodeCraft School of Technology in Boulder, CO. I wrote the questions, prepared and interviewed the subject matter experts, and offered direction for editing the finished project.

My goal with this video was to tell a very specific story, one very light on sales and very heavy on education. Specifically, I wanted it to accomplish the following goals: Continue reading “Video: What Is User Experience Design, and Why Does it Matter?”

Introducing CodeCraft School’s Newest Web Development Instructor – Raphael Serota

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Raphael Serota is one of CodeCraft’s newest employees, and we’re excited to have him join our team as the lead instructor for our Full-Time Full-Stack Web Development Bootcamp. Here’s a little bit of Q&A we recently had with Raphael about his background, his approach as an instructor, and how bootcamp students can make the most of their time both as students and later as graduates.

Continue reading “Introducing CodeCraft School’s Newest Web Development Instructor – Raphael Serota”

Insurance For ATVs, Four-Wheelers, and Off-Road Vehicles

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Note: This is a Q&A I created for an insurance agent who provides special insurance policies for four-wheelers and other off-road vehicles. This was one of a series of several articles on very specific types of insurance the agent offered. It also ran with a campaign of accompanying videos. Continue reading “Insurance For ATVs, Four-Wheelers, and Off-Road Vehicles”