Don’t Track Me, Bro! (The Delicate Balance of Free Content vs “Do Not Track”)

We live in an age when just about everybody, everywhere, is getting online and becoming more and more connected each year. Social networks keep adding huge numbers of users, e-commerce is showing steady growth with potential for outpacing “traditional” brick-and-mortar sales, and entire businesses are being run solely on the web. The Internet has changed our lives; it’s given us the ability not only to interact socially from anywhere, but also to research, shop, and engage with companies and organizations we may not have ever physically interacted with in “real life.” Everybody knows this. Continue reading “Don’t Track Me, Bro! (The Delicate Balance of Free Content vs “Do Not Track”)”

The Internet Is Losing Its Baby Teeth

Back in 2010, Chris Anderson, editor of Wired magazine, wrote an article called: “The Web Is Dead.” He argued that the future of the Internet and connectivity wasn’t in the World Wide Web, but in a fragmented collection of many different platforms — people consuming content via mobile devices, native apps and other means outside of a traditional web browser. While Anderson’s sensational claim raised a lot of eyebrows and sparked enormous debate, I wasn’t sure what to make of his prediction at the time. Four years later, we have a little more perspective. Continue reading “The Internet Is Losing Its Baby Teeth”

Watching Apple’s Groundhog Day (The Apple Watch Announced)

Last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage to announce a few new products and demo videos of the company’s latest technology. The presentation, though offered via streaming online, was given to a highly selective audience of industry analysts, tech bloggers, and journalists.

Apple’s product launch is the one presentation each year that “fanboys” like myself watch with rapt attention and is the one that Microsoft or Google customers love to hate. But as I watched this year’s event, I noticed that it’s starting to become a spectacle like Groundhog Day. Continue reading “Watching Apple’s Groundhog Day (The Apple Watch Announced)”

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a… Drone?

When I first heard the media stir about drones a couple of years ago, my mind recalled the male bees that live in a hive and do nothing but eat, sleep and breed. Remember those from your elementary school days? Today, the term “drone” is often used in an entirely different context, and the drones in question have only the gift of flight in common with lazy buzzing insects, and the role they play is far more complex. Continue reading “It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a… Drone?”

The Dancing Fox Lodge in Woodland Park

Stauffer & Sons Construction built a custom home for Neil and Barbara Bruce in Woodland Park, Colo., back in 2011. It’s been about five years since we built it, so we decided it was time to drop by for a visit and see how they still liked their home having lived in it for a few years.

The home itself is a beautiful 3,800 square foot, three-story southwestern-influenced home designed by Langley Architects and is tucked away on a hill on the western side of the town, with a phenomenal view of Pikes Peak. Continue reading “The Dancing Fox Lodge in Woodland Park”