It’s Official – Net Neutrality is Dead

On February 22, the Federal Communications Commission released the long-awaited new rules for how the Internet will be regulated in the United States. The 71-page announcement, called Restoring Internet Freedom, is posted on the Federal Register, and outlines in detail what the rules will be, how they’ll be enforced, and why a change to the rules was needed. Continue reading “It’s Official – Net Neutrality is Dead”

Video: Why Use Online Video For Your Business?

This is a video I created a few years ago with a videographer to showcase the most powerful medium for communication we have in the 21st Century: video. I concepted the whole thing, wrote the script, and, of course, stood in front of the camera, explaining why businesses should use video as a part of their marketing strategy.

Introducing CodeCraft School’s Newest Web Development Instructor – Raphael Serota

Raphael Serota is one of CodeCraft’s newest employees, and we’re excited to have him join our team as the lead instructor for our Full-Time Full-Stack Web Development Bootcamp. Here’s a little bit of Q&A we recently had with Raphael about his background, his approach as an instructor, and how bootcamp students can make the most of their time both as students and later as graduates.

Continue reading “Introducing CodeCraft School’s Newest Web Development Instructor – Raphael Serota”